Artist Statement

Alchemy and the performative process of painting are the foundation of my practice. Currently, my research is based on the recent geology findings in the Soudan Iron Mine, Tower, Minnesota. The ancient water (found in 2008) host’s organisms held by rock formed 2.7 billion years ago, when a sea was thought to have covered the region.  Geological formations found in the mine are similar to photographic imagery found on the surface of Mars, which is thought to be an iron rich planet.  The Soudan research has lead to exploration of the biological composition of bioluminescent waters in the Caribbean Sea.  Imagery from both of these sources serves as departure points for the work in Soudan.

The alchemical process in the work is activated by the physical activity of pouring, sanding, drawing, building and subtracting into and onto the surfaces in many layers. Transparent film and silk are used as a foundation for the works   and their nature correlate to the underlying theme of water in the research.  The studio becomes the athanor or an oven for the interaction of diverse materials, painting mediums and paint to coalesce into realized images. The final paintings question the history, origin, meaning and authenticity of the image and hopefully offer alternative perceptions to certainty.