American Contemporary Abstract Paintings

“The alchemical and physical processes of painting are the foundation of my creative practice.“

Virginia Bradley is a distinguished contemporary abstract painter. Bradley’s research into natural phenomena, geological and oceanographic formation serves as a starting point for her abstract works. Like an alchemist she transforms the work through the use of diverse materials and physical acts.

Virginia’s work is collected and exhibited throughout the world. Her original paintings are shown in galleries, commissioned for public art projects and utilized by art consultants and interior designers for public and private collections. Virginia’s studio is located in the Berkshire town of Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Landing 2, Oil on Canvas by Virginia Bradley, 40”x36”

Landing 2, oil on canvas, 40”x36”

St.Croix 8 – Current, Oil on Canvas by Virginia Bradley, 20”x20”

St. Croix 8 – Current, oil on canvas, 20”x20”

Long Pond 4, oil and resin on stretched silk by Virginia Bradley, 48”x36”

Long Pond 4, oil/resin on stretched silk, 48”x36”

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