Celebrating ArtWeek Berkshires joint open studio September 2021

Saturday, September 25th

234 Long Pond Road
Great Barrington

Open Studio: 12 pm – 6 pm

Painters Virginia Bradley and Chris Malcomson, Sculptor William Casper and Guest Collage / Clay Sculptor Lynn Wadsworth from St. Paul, MN

Gallery Talk by Lynn Wadsworth at 4 pm, followed by a conversation with all four artists.

Artist Reception 3 pm – 6 pm

Painters Virginia Bradley and Chris Malcomson, Sculptor William Casper and Guest Artist Collage -Clay Artist Lynn Wadsworth are enthusiastically participating in ArtWeek Berkshires. Bradley and Malcomson will host the four-artist event on Saturday, September 25 at 234 Long Pond Rd, Great Barrington from 12 pm – 6 pm.

Lynn Wadsworth will present a Gallery Talk at 4 pm followed by a conversation with all four artists. A reception will be held for the artists from 3 pm to 6pm. The Studio will welcome visitors from 12 – 6 pm. The event will be held indoors and outdoors at the open and airy 1800 sq ft studio. Covid regulations will be followed. may also be arranged.

The studio also welcomes studio visits by appointment. For more information or to set up a private studio visit please contact: Virginia Bradley, virginiabradleyart@gmail.com or call 302 540 3565. www.berkshires.org/plan-your-trip/artweek-berkshires/

Outside Virginia Bradley Art Studio
Inside Virginia Bradley Art Studio

Virginia Bradley

Contemporary abstract painter whose practice utilizes alchemy in the transformation of materials. Bradley’s new Catena Series will be featured at the Open Studio. The Catena Series began in August 2020. The Series traverses a wide territory with the common denominator being a landscape horizon that is sometimes obvious or at times buried in the surface of the image. The Series was started in August of 2020 when she re-imagined an 8’x12’ painting from 2012 that was comprised of eight 48”x36” birch panels.

Catena 5, oil on birch panel by Virginia Bradley
Catena 3, oil on birch panel by Virginia Bradley
Catena 7, oil on birch panel by Virginia Bradley

Virginia spent a month outside in the beautiful Berkshire sun stripping and sanding the panels to breathe new life into the surfaces.

As Bradley describes the series, “I had been contemplating how the pace of life had changed during the Covid Pandemic. At moments time seemed to stand still and other times it seemed to race by. I came upon the word Catena, which means related moments or an inter-locking chain. The word Catena spoke to me about my search to find meaning and beauty through my painting process. “Catena” seemed to describe the suspended life I was living. The Series searches for reconciliation, contentment and beauty. “

Lynn Wadsworth

Lynn has worked in several mediums: film, photography, collage, assemblage, ceramics and sculpture. Though her media and subject matter have changed over time, her artistic practice has remained consistent. Lynn’s work seeks to reveal hidden meanings, expose contradictions, and examine the underpinnings of cultural constructions through juxtaposition, humor, and invention. Lynn invites the viewer to see things in a new way.

Lynn states, “My work and my ideas are constantly evolving. Currently my work exists at the intersection of craft, handicraft, and art, combining found objects with hand-built ceramic objects. Whether an individual piece is informed by the Statue of Liberty or by a string of beads, it uses the meanings found in that object/reference as a starting point for exploration”.

The Open Studio will feature Lynn’s new book “Salvages”. The collages that are represented in the book will be exhibited as well as playful clay sculptures. The clay sculptures were recently awarded a prestigious Jerome Foundation Fellowship and the “Salvages” was created through a Minnesota State Arts Board Fellowship.

Clay sculpture by Lynn Wadsworth
Collage titled Savages by Clay sculpture by Lynn Wadsworth
Clay sculptures by Lynn Wadsworth

Chris Malcomson

Chris is both an abstract oil painter and watercolorist. Chris’s latest paintings bring together all that he has learned through a lifetime searching for meaning. He has been influenced by poets such as Rumi, Mary Oliver and Kabir as well as Transpersonal and Jungian psychology.

Red Triangle Sign Symbol by Chris Malcomson
Red Blue Circle, abstract transparent painting by Chris Malcomson
Sign Red Symbol, abstract painting by Chris Malcomson

Chris’s painting practice takes three forms. He always carries a small notebook, which is a place to jot poems, ideas and drawings. A second series of paintings is made up of small, more formal watercolors that he created in Puerto Rico at his Winter studio. Lastly, are larger abstracts on canvas which go up to about five-foot square. He often works with a fixed form, allowing the freedom to explore colors.

Chris’s paintings are attempts to offer works that will enhance living spaces and bring tranquility to peoples’ lives. The paintings offered stillness and a gap to squeeze through to another space. He is always trying to offer the opportunity to move away from our busy lives into a more serene space.

William Casper

William’s sculpture strives to capture movement, emotion and intimacy through textured surfaces and torso angles. Shadows and surface treatment create dynamic energy in each piece. Casper emphasizes the boldness of the figure and pose – the image is front and center in every sculptural effort. He recently has been inspired by the strength, balance, and contemplation of yoga poses: no ornamentation, only coiled energy while maintaining meditative stillness.

Becky's Effort, sculpture by William Casper
Camel Yoga Bow Pose, sculpture by William Casper
Tangled, sculpture by William Casper

William’s influences are some of the great 20th century figurative artists, particularly Sir Jacob Epstein’s powerful portrait sculptures using dappled surfaces to create depth of shadow, movement and expression.

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