If you happen to be in NW Connecticut in July and August stop by the Sharon Historical Society in July and August to view this exhibition celebrating the 19th Amendment.

Delayed by a year, The Gallery at Sharon Historical Society is hosting an exhibition of paintings, sculpture, and mixed media to mark the 100th Anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment. The 19th Amendment enabling women to vote, in August of 1920. The content of the show it not intended to be political in nature, but rather to highlight the achievements and professionalism of four artists, all residents of this area, and who have all created impressive portfolios of work that rank highly in the world of Fine Art, both national and international.

The featured artists are Virginia Bradley, Danielle Mailer, Patty Mullins, and Sally Pettus. The exhibition will feature works from Bradley’s Yellowstone Series. The exhibition runs from July 17th to August 27th, Opening Reception Saturday July 17, 5-7pm. For more information visit sharonhist.org.

Yellowstone 16, oil on canvas by Virginia Bradley

Yellowstone 16, oil on canvas 58″x50″ by Virginia Bradley

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