Virginia Bradley in studio for Singulart interview

The Singulart Platform featured an online interview about my daily life and painting practice in the Berkshires in May of 2019. The interview covers many areas, from reading poetry with my husband in the morning to studio essentials and how my paintings evolve into finished works.

Two studio essentials for me are my dog, Kiki and Gehard Richter’s book of writings, The Daily Practice of Painting. The Richter book is motivating while inspiring. As a painter alone in the studio, the book builds bridges to the challenges painting presents to all practicing artists. Kiki’s enthusiastic rambunctious terrier energy keeps the studio lively.

In answer to Singulart’s question – How do you do you know when a painting is finished? As I’ve always told painting students, if you have to ask if it’s finished then it’s not!

You can read the entire interview at: – A day with Virginia Bradley. 

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